• At Salut Dental Barcelona we understand dentistry as a way to improve the physical and emotional quality of our patients from a multidisciplinary approach to the functional pathologies of the masticatory system.

  • Our reason of being, the values ​​and the principles that we follow are summarized in a personalized dental care to our patients.

  • After extensive national and international training, we are able to provide preventive and therapeutic treatments that complement  common treatments such as relieving a toothache, replacing absent theeth or aligning crowded teeth. These treatments that offer immediate patient satisfaction could be correcting only the consequence of a functional problem and would not be treating the real origin. Functional problems can evolve into a stomatognatic imbalance and result in disorders on the body which are not usually related to the mouth.

  • Discover how in Salut Dental Barcelona your visit to the dentist will be different and discover what Functional Dentistry can do for you.

F. Hernández Medina 

Director médico

  • Núm. colegiado COEC 4371
  • Degree on Dentistry (DDS). University of Barcelona (UB)
  • Postgraduate in Oral Implantology. University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Training on Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation for treatment of TMJ and MMI
  • Advanced training on HBTC-RFA Protocol
  • Member of  the Spanish Implantology Society (SEI), of the Spanish Prosthodontics Society (SEPES) and of the Spanish Human Masticatory System Evolution's Disease Society (SEDEAM)

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