In the context of functional and aesthetic oral rehabilitations that we carry out, it is often needed to replace missing teeth. The first option to do it usually is dental implants.

Dental implants are biocompatible screw-shaped titanium fixations that are placed in the bone as an artificial root with the purpose of anchoring or supporting dental prosthesis that will replace one or more lost teeth.

Following the best we do for our patients we use implants made in Switzerland  of a recognized brand that accocomplishes the European certification (CE) and the international ISO standards.

These implants allow us to perform minimally invasive surgery (without suture and better postoperative) and allow immediate loading to use them from the first day, shortening the treatment times for the patient’s comfort. They also minimize the risk of infections and avoid the need for complex bone regenerations and also avoid mechanical mishaps such as fracture or loosening of intermediate screws.