The RNO is born from the need of Dr Pedro Planas to seek an early therapeutic tool to correct development disorders (malocclusions) avoiding the disadvantages of orthodontics and orthopedics, and also for the prevention of periodontal disorders and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

The RNO takes advantage of the chewing natural forces (sliding of  TMJ on one side and dental rubbing on the other side) to update the development and to balance the masticatory system by the stimulation of the mouth and dental neural receptors.

The final objective will be the occlusal and functional balance in both closing and lateralizing that allows alternating bilateral mastication and the proper distribution of dental forces and symmetry in the movements of both temporomandibular joints.

In this way it is achieved in children (already before the age of 5 years) the guidance of an adequate maxillary bone development and the reaching of healthy and balanced mouths for a lifetime without the need of  the disease to appear to begin the tratment as is usual nowadays; and in adults to return to correct masticatory function recovering periodontal and joint health, guaranteeing greater stability of the results.

The resources used by the RNO are:

  • the change of habits which created some deformity, such as the sleeping posture
  • occlusal equilibration that eliminates obstructions for alternating unilateral mastication
  • the placement of a removable appliance that does not grip to any tooth capable of orienting the development responses following the Plana’s laws, especially the position of the occlusal plane.


In SALUT DENTAL BARCELONA we apply this treatment philosophy.