Premature wear the teeth is not the one to age or the time. It is pathological and can occur from a very young age despite having well aligned teeth.

It is mainly due to a larger problem called occlusal and functional imbalance whereby the position and inclination of teeth are not in harmony with chewing swallowing or speaking movements so that teeth hit or trip on themselves wearing out or breaking progressively and even moving.

Other factors such as the absence of a tooth, oral respiration and bruxism or the effect of acids also compromise the integrity of the dental structure.

Short and worn teeth can change not only the aesthetics of the smile but also the aesthetics of the face. But the most serious are not the aesthetic consequences but the consequences on organism health  because the wear is closely related to unilateral chewing and double occlusion.

The treatment will consist of eliminating the cause of the imbalance and restoring the lost shape and size due to wear by increasing it with veneers, crowns or onlays of biocompatible materials.

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